Teeth whitening is a safe and simple cosmetic dental enhancement, lightening your teeth for a more youthful smile.

Professional teeth whitening treatment is a safe and effective process to brighten your smile. The effects of time and lifestyle choices can all impact the colour and vibrancy of your smile. These are most commonly attributed to the staining agents in food, beverages, and tobacco. If you often consume dark beverages such as coffee, red wine or carbonated beverages, your tooth enamel has likely been affected and discoloured to a degree. Smoking is also a leading factor that causes discolouration and dental stains.

At Smile Central, we strive for our patients to feel confident with their smiles. Our teeth whitening solutions are offered in-office or at-home, to restore the shine at our patient’s convenience and preference.

In-office teeth whitening

Smile Central in-office whitening adhesive is administered by our oral health therapist.  The treatment is easy and minimally invasive, clinically proven safe and effective. Dr Lauf and the Smile Central team will talk you through the entire teeth whitening process, results and aftercare. This method is the quickest and longest-lasting method for whitening, as we use products and methods which are not available for at home treatment.

 At-home teeth whitening

Alternatively, Smile Central offer at-home whitening options which consist of a custom-made tray and effective whitening gel. In the comfort of your home, you simply place a small amount of teeth whitening gel into a custom made dental tray so it can be evenly dispersed. The tray will need to be worn for short amounts of time over a number of days until desired results are achieved.

During the time you wear the whitening tray; the gel ingredients activates and bleaches your teeth leaving a lighter and more whiter appearance. This method can achieve similar results to in-office whitening, but in a longer period of time. We often recommend combining the two methods to ensure the longevity of your white smile. Take home whitening kits do not include products at the same strength as in-office whitening, however is significantly more effective than DIY off the shelf whitening products.

Maintain your newly brightened smile

For the most effective teeth whitening results, we advise patients to limit foods and drinks that can stain your brightened smile – especially in the first few days after whitening treatment. We also promote having a general dental check-up and through professional clean 2 weeks prior to any whitening procedure to maximise the effects and ensure your teeth and gums are healthy first and foremost.

Teeth Whitening

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