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Our general dental care and maintenance treatments are designed to ensure your teeth remain present for life. Maintaining the health of your teeth through preventive measures helps safeguard against decay and bacteria build-up. This prevents the need for extensive restorative treatments in the future and ensures that you enjoy sound oral health and a beautiful smile for a lifetime. Our general dentistry services extend from simple routine cleanings to all-encompassing treatments to alleviate pain, improve function and overall aesthetics.

Our highly trained dental hygienist is committed to providing our patients with excellent oral care with a holistic approach to comfort. We understand that for some patients, visiting the dentist can be quite daunting. To cater for patient anxiety, we provide a variety of anxiety management techniques combined with our exceptional personalised care.

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For the most advanced dentistry treatments, precision and comfort, Smile Central perform with state-of-the-art technology and dental systems. Our dental hygienists have extensive training, education, and experience in oral aesthetic work to address all patient and dental concerns. This is all part of our exclusive level of care that caters to our patient’s needs.

We recommend that individuals undergo routine cleanings and examinations at 6-month intervals in order to maintain optimal health of their teeth and gums. A thorough at-home oral hygiene routine will protect the health of your teeth if combined with professional care. A professional in-office cleaning is far more comprehensive and extensive, resulting in a more thorough cleaning. It also allows our team of dentists the opportunity to examine the teeth and gum tissue, as well as take x-rays or photographs of the underlying support structure in order to detect and prevent potential problems.

Smile Central offers a range of general dental treatments:

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