Dr Chris Lauf

Dr Chris Lauf has adopted the newest dental technology including laser dentistry which he has been using and perfecting for nearly 20 years. Laser dentistry is the modern, gentle and precise alternative to the stereotypical image of dentistry. This has helped calm the fears of his patients in Brisbane and around the country. With the use of lasers in dentistry, many times there is no need for an injection to numb the area or use of traditional drill, meaning restorative treatments such as fillings can be performed accurately and gently.  The beauty of dental lasers is that they target decay in enamel very precisely, leaving as much healthy tooth and tissue intact resulting in far less discomfort. For more about the benefits of lasers at Smile Central for dental procedures read more here.  

Dr Lauf has advanced qualifications with Progressive Orthodontic Seminars and the Implant Certificate Program at the Brener Implant Institute. For over a decade, he has been performing orthodontics as a highly skilled dentist as well as implant surgeries achieving consistent, safe and remarkable results for his patients. Operating as a fully independent general dentist he has complete control on quality of service and technology, always selecting the most effective, gentle and modern materials with the highest level of evidence to support their quality.

Visualise your dental results with digital imaging and precision planning

Dr Lauf likes to ensure all of his patients are well informed. He regards good communication and effective use of modern technology as critical to ensuring optimal outcomes for each and every patient.

“Technology has improved our ability to show what we propose through digital imaging and 3D scans. This gives us more predictable results particularly when a patient comes to us with very specific requests.”

Dr Chris Lauf

Each patient will experience the benefits of this imaging technology with Dr Chris Lauf when they are considering:

  • Tooth alignment and or bite correction (orthodontics)
  • Tooth replacement options (dental implants, crown & bridges) 
  • Reshaping teeth cosmetically (dental veneers)
  • Tooth reconstruction (porcelain crown) 
  • Full mouth rehabilitation (combination of various treatments including orthodontics, veneers, crowns and implants to improve function and aesthetics of the entire mouth)

Using only the latest and minimally invasive technologies and techniques, Smile Central’s general dentist, Dr Chris Lauf in Aspley provides a wide variety of quality dental treatments with a strong emphasis on high comfort and pain free techniques using laser dentistry. 

same day crowns aspley
Dentist Dr Chris Lauf, uses imaging technology for a wide variety of dental treatments.

Dr Chris Lauf loves dentistry and technology and how when combined, have the ability to improve the overall health and wellbeing of people’s lives.  He was born and raised in Sydney at Bondi Beach and moved to Brisbane to complete his Bachelor of Dental Science at the University of Queensland. In Brisbane, he met and married the girl of his dreams, had two daughters and many pet cats along the way. In his free time, Chris loves camping, travelling, snow skiing, reading and spending time with his favourite people. 

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