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Technology in dentistry has certainly come along way. Smile Central brings to you modern dentistry designed to improve the quality and ease of treatments for you.  Dr Chris Lauf, Brisbane’s northside dentist has carefully selected a suite of additional ways to increase your comfort during the procedure, the quality of results, speed of visits and long term durability of dental work through investing in new dental materials, equipment, and software technologies.  From your very first appointment you will get to experience a variety of ways in which Smile Central integrates the best of what’s currently available to benefit your needs to enhance the dental care we can provide you.

Our most popular comfort aids are the simplest and that’s why we enjoy providing them:

  • Adjustable neck and lower back soft cushions on the dental chair
  • Netflix for all the latest movies or tv shows during your dental procedure   (with TV screens on the ceiling and wireless headphones for your listening)
Smile Central - Watch Movies via Netflix while Waiting

Plan and visualise your dental treatment

Dr Chris Lauf works with the patient towards clear and realistic expectations. He regards good communication and effective use of technology as critical. “Technology has improved our ability to show what we propose through digital imaging and 3D scans. This gives us more predictable results particularly when a patient comes to us with very specific requests.” Dr Lauf likes you to be involved in the planning process and recommends previewing outcomes before beginning treatment.

Smile Central - Smile Design Software

Plameca’s 3D FaceScan imaging available at Smile Central Brisbane dentist
Smile Central - Plameca 3D Scan Facial Scan Smile Central - Face Scan Software

Our dentists will ensure you receive the service you deserve with assistance from the following equipment:

Dental Technology

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