Traditional Braces Brisbane

Traditional Braces

When your teeth are correctly aligned, it can assist with bite problems, such as overbites and underbites. Having straight teeth can increase your inclination to smile which helps in social and professional settings.

Straight teeth offer more than just an aesthetic benefit, they can actually help you to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. Having crooked teeth can often make it difficult to brush and floss properly, as there are so many hard to reach places. This means there is a greater likelihood of plaque build-up and the patient can ultimately suffer from things like tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. At Smile Central, when a patient is in need of straightening their teeth, traditional braces are an option we discuss. They are a reliable and trusted option when it comes to orthodontics as they have been used successfully for decades.

How do Traditional Braces work?

Traditional metal braces successfully straighten your teeth via the constant pressure from the appliances. Each tooth is first fitted with a bracket, and then the archwire is placed and tightened with the help of a ligature. Slowly, the Smile Central team will adjust the tightness of your braces to successfully bring you the smile you’ve been looking for.

How to look after your braces correctly

Having braces means you still need to be brushing twice a day, for two minutes a day and flossing. You can also purchase a special, smaller toothbrush called an Interdental toothbrush which is designed to get into the hard to reach places of your braces that your larger toothbrush cannot. At your consultation with the friendly Smile Central team, ask more about this toothbrush if you are interested.

Remove the parts of your braces that are removable, like your elastics. Then you need to brush as per normal, only taking the extra care to not compromise the appliances. It is also extremely important that when you are flossing, you floss each tooth. When food is caught in between your braces this can cause decay and bad breath! Ensure that you’re rinsing with mouthwash after brushing as this helps rid the food you may have missed after brushing and flossing.

If you are concerned about how straight you or your children’s teeth are, book an appointment for you or your family today with the friendly team at Smile Central.

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