At Smile Central, we can help you to achieve the smile you have always wanted! One of the main benefits of visiting the caring Chermside dentist at Smile Central, particularly if you are considering orthodontics for your child, is that all routine dentistry, as well as orthodontics, can be performed within the same place. All children’s general day-to-day dental needs are managed by our Oral Health Therapist and then a visit from Dr Chris Lauf here for their orthodontic treatment needs. This means less visits to different locations and that all treatment records, x-rays and important information are centralised. In addition to this convenience, we become privileged in getting to know you and your families so well by creating healthy teeth for a healthy life.

It’s vital that your child’s normal dental health (preventing decay, regular check-ups and fillings as required) also be monitored during any orthodontic treatment. Our Oral Health Therapist will happily facilitate this for you and your child to develop and instil good dental habits and healthy teeth from a young age.

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Children’s Orthodontics

We provide a full range of orthodontic treatment options, not only traditional braces but also invisalign. There are many other early intervention dental appliances and strategies that we consider when assessing orthodontic needs and planning desirable outcomes.

Early identification of crowded teeth, misaligned bites and children who breathe through their mouth instead of their nose are common factors that affect facial development in growing children. Correcting these types of issues can improve not only the appearance of a person’s smile, but more importantly positioning the teeth and jaws better for function and longevity for healthy living.

If you think your child’s teeth may be similar to any of these, contact us today for an orthodontic assessment or book online.

Adult Orthodontics

When adults choose orthodontics to create a beautiful and more healthy smile, it’s an investment where the benefits keep on giving throughout a lifetime. Adults benefit from the results of orthodontic treatment in many ways. Aligning teeth not only achieves beautiful cosmetic results, though also makes day to day cleaning easier, improves gum health, balances load bearing chewing forces more evenly across all teeth, prevents uneven wearing down of front teeth and can even close spaces of missing or previously removed teeth. In many cases, people who require or desire adult orthodontics also have to consider other things relating to their teeth such as:

  • missing teeth
  • gum disease
  • broken down or worn through teeth (due to misaligned bite)
  • sleep breathing disorders (snoring, sleep apnoea, clenching & grinding)

Our Chermside dentist, Dr Chris Lauf, can help to address these things with you before, during and after your orthodontic treatment with us.

We understand that adult orthodontics is an empowering process for people and together with careful planning, our Chermside dentist will work to comprehensively achieve the goals you desire. The initial evaluation and consultation process is detailed in every way, we utilise 3D Face Scan imaging radiography (CBCT Scan) to formulate, measure, predict and plan for the most favourable outcomes. It is important to us that you are and feel involved in this process and through 1 on 1 consultations, Dr Chris Lauf will walk you through exactly what to expect from your adult orthodontic treatment with the assistance of our modern technology.

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If you’re looking for an experienced dentist that you can trust, Smile Central are the go-to Chermside team for all orthodontic treatments including braces and invisalign. Contact us today to discuss your options or to book an appointment!

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Chermside is a major suburb in the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia just – 9 km north of the city and is one of Brisbane’s fastest developing suburbs. Chermside is known as the mini CBD of Brisbane. It is home to the largest Westfield shopping centre in Australia, which boasts many restaurants and many international and exclusive brands. The Chermside area was first settled by Europeans in the late 19th century. Smile Central has been serving Chermside since starting up and has become a leading dentist in the area.

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