What is Gum Re-Contouring?

Patients with exposed upper gums may require or desire a gum lift or re-controuing. Our principal dentist, Dr. Chris Lauf is highly experienced in cosmetic dentistry and offers two minimally invasive in-chair procedures to minimalise the appearance of a ‘gummy smile’.

Laser Gum Re-Contouring

Laser gum re-contouring involves the removal of excess gum tissue associated with a ‘gummy smile’ with the use of a dental laser which is less invasive than the traditional method of gum tissue removal. This low-risk procedure is completed in-chair under local anaesthetic and typically has a short recovery period and instantly visible results. Our modern laser technology allows for a conservative approach to the removal of gum tissue, and is extremely precise.

Cosmetic Injections

Cosmetic injections are a fast, minimally invasive and an effective alternative to laser gum tissue removal. With the use of a Botox alternative which relaxes specific muscles. With correctly and effectively placed injection sites, a gummy smile and other aesthetic dental concerns can be addressed. Botox gives a temporary solution to these issues and is a low-risk and low-commitment option. Results are often visible within three weeks and last up to six months. Botox works by reducing the mobility of specific muscles and therefore the appearance of a ‘gummy smile’. This method is quick and can be performed with minimal discomfort by our experienced cosmetic dentist in-chair at Smile Central in one short appointment with minimal downtime.


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