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Smile Central dental is a perfect fit for all members of the family. We cater to the needs of your child’s first visit to the dentist and offer a happy and comforting environment for everyone to enjoy.

The Smile Central team take pride in creating a fun dental experience for our young patients. Your child’s first smile and first tooth are special milestones. At Smile Central, we have a strong focus on prevention and can help your child adopt good dental habits to care for their precious teeth right through to adulthood. Caring for baby teeth is significant to the development of your child’s mouth, jaw, face, and airways. We have a strong focus on prevention for children from oral hygiene education to manufacturing mouthguards.

We provide excellent dental care for families of all ages and promote comfort in our relaxing practice environment. As a family dentist, we have formed wonderful relationships with many clients and have become the dentist for multiple generations.

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If you would like your entire family to visit Smile Central altogether, simply let our friendly team know and we’ll be able to accommodate enough time to do so during your appointment.

During your visit, we will monitor your family’s oral health and if necessary, we will intervene with the appropriate course of treatment. We will ensure your children grow up having beautiful, healthy smiles and the adults maintain optimal oral health.

We work closely with parents so they can make the best informed, responsible choices on behalf of their children. Our highly trained staff will take the time to explain all about your children’s risk of oral disease, preventive strategies and the modern innovative treatments we offer.

We go the extra mile to make dental visits stress-free and an easy process for families. We also provide a ceiling-mounted television to entertain the children while we perform a check-up.

We ensure delicacy while treating children and respect their needs and place high level of importance of providing them with positive experiences.  When they say ‘stop’ we stop. We work diligently to make treatments quick and easy, without compromising the quality.

Many families seek out Smile Central for our gentle laser dentistry and needle-free options. Smile Central is an all-encompassed facility for families, offering general and cosmetic dentistry tailored to patients of all ages.

When should my child visit the dentist?

In Australia, dental decay is quite prevalent among young children. Our caring practitioners are passionate about reducing dental health implications and recommend children visit our Oral Health Therapist for a simple dental assessment after the first baby tooth erupts around the age of 1. Dental anomalies can be detected very early and this first visit is designed to be interactive and fun for the child, informative for parents about how to prevent childhood caries (decay).

Smile Central - Expert Child Dentistry

What is preventive dentistry in children?

The greatest form of dental treatment is prevention. Providing the correct oral health education and routine for your children to brush twice daily and floss at night will promote oral health and reduce dental complications.

Our friendly team of dentists and hygienists will discuss the most effective cleaning routine and encourage your children to practice at home and prepare for your next check-up.

Should my child wear a mouthguard?

If your child practices any form of contact sport that involves running, balls, bats and other children, we advise ensuring they wear a mouthguard. Suffering from a dental accident is not fun and can be a costly treatment to repair, and all too common with children. At Smile Central, we provide custom-made, professional mouthguards, which are proven to reduce tooth loss and concussions. These are moulded and correctly fitted to your child’s teeth. Studies have revealed that this safety measure can also decrease their risk of sustaining a more serious neck or jaw injury. Custom-made mouthguards are also available to patients of all ages so you can enjoy sport without the fear of sustaining a dental accident.

Family dentistry

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