Smile Central is the perfect fit for all members of your family. We cater to the needs of your child’s first visit to the dentist and offer a happy and comforting environment for everyone of every age to enjoy.

The Smile Central team takes pride in creating a caring and fun dental experience for our young patients. Your child’s first smile and first tooth are special milestones. At Smile Central, we have a strong focus on prevention and can help your child adopt good dental habits to care for their precious teeth right through to adulthood. Caring for baby teeth is significant to the development of your child’s future adult teeth, mouth, jaw, face, and airways. We have a strong focus on prevention for children from oral hygiene education to manufacturing mouthguards.

We provide excellent dental care for families of all ages and promote comfort in our relaxing practice environment. As a family dentist, we have formed wonderful relationships with many clients and have become the dentist for multiple generations.

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Generally our Oral Health Therapist manages family visits and relishes in making dental visits stress-free and an easy process for families. Family visits with Smile Central always have a preventative and informative focus. If a dental issue is detected during a clean, we would typically recommend returning on a second occasion to proceed so that we can focus completely on one person at a time for more specific types of treatment.

We foster minimal intervention philosophies, perform fillings, extractions and orthodontics for children and teens. Referrals to paediatric specialist will be considered for children who have more complex or multiple dental needs. 

We like to work closely with parents so they can make the best informed, responsible choices on behalf of their children. Our staff are highly trained to care for children specifically and understand that they have speicifc needs. We always dedicate time to explain your children’s risk of dental disease, preventive strategies and modern innovative treatments we offer.

With strong emphasis on delicacy for treating children, we operate in a respectful manner and place high level of importance on providing them with positive experiences.  When they say ‘stop’ we stop and let their voices be heard.

When should my child visit the dentist?

In Australia, dental decay is still common among young children. Our caring practitioners are passionate about reducing dental health implications and recommend children visit our Oral Health Therapist for a simple dental assessment after the first baby tooth erupts around the age of 1. Dental anomalies can be detected very early and this first visit is designed to be interactive and fun for the child, informative for parents about how to prevent childhood caries (decay).

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What is preventive dentistry in children?

Preventative dental care provides your child with the best possible chance for their developing teeth to be healthy for as long as possible. Providing insight and meaningful oral health education to help them establish good dental hygiene routines at home promotes healthy habits that will continue to benefit them during life.

Preventative dental care includes a variety of minimal intervention strategies to improve dental health of teeth, gums, tongues and growing mouths on an ongoing basis, such as:

  • detailed information about best types of toothpastes, brushes and other retail products designed to make the daily rituals of tooth cleaning easier and more effective
  • detection of first signs of decay: once you know that active decay is occuring, implimenting strategies to slow down or even cease progression
  • strengthening enamel with targeted fluoride treatments
  • advice about dietary habits that contribute to dental decay
  • detailed instructions about home care routines and daily tooth cleaning techniques
  • sealing of deep grooves, prone to trap plaque and food particles on flat surfaces of molars
  • removal of excessing plaque and tartar deposits that accumulate around the teeth and below the gums
  • early identification and assessment of orthodontic issues manifesting during growth patterns
  • radiographic assessment to help predict positioning of wisdom teeth at age 18yrs
  • help to control aspects uncontrolled diabetes
  • improve cardiovascular health and prevent complications in various heart conditions
  • influencing good nutrition for children to grow thriving
  • fitting of sports mouthguards to prevent catastrophic dental injuries

Once your child has all of their adult teeth from around the age of 12 and practices any form of contact sport that involves running, balls, bats and other children, we recommend they wear a mouthguard. Suffering from a dental accident at a young age can lead to a medical emergancy, involve costly treatments to repair and have long term implications on their appearance and abilities to ingest and digest foods throughout life. All of which can be totally prevented by wearing a sports mouthguard routinely to both training and sporting game events.

At Smile Central, we provide custom-made, professional mouthguards, which siginificantly reduce tooth loss and concussions. These are moulded to correctly fit to your child’s teeth. Studies have revealed that this safety measure can also decrease their risk of sustaining a more serious neck or jaw injury. Custom-made mouthguards are also available to patients of all ages so you can enjoy sport without the fear of sustaining a dental accident.

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