Preventive Dentistry in Brisbane

Visiting for a regular dental check-up and clean ensures you are proactively maintaining  optimal oral health. A dental check-up and clean at least annually is the best way to detect and prevent any dental complications, that includes the professional and safe removal of harmful plaque and tartar build up. Early detections allow our practitioners address the concerns and begin the necessary course of treatment before the issue develops further.

At Smile Central, Aspley our Oral Health Therapist is dedicated to improve the condition of your overall health by helping you to maintain a clean and healthy teeth and gums. With a focus specifically on prevention, our Oral Health Therapist will teach and explain all you need to know about good dental health for both adults and children.

This is all part of our exclusive level of care – maintaining your smile for a lifetime of oral health.

Dental check-up

Smile Central’s team are proud to provide you with a comprehensive dental assessment not only checking for signs of cavities, gum disease but also conduct oral cancer screening, jaw disorders, identify wearing down teeth, upper airway breathing restrictions, skin cancers and many other medical conditions that could be impacting your overall general health in the head and neck region. During our standard check and clean appointment, you’ll be able to relax in our comfortable cushioned dental chair, tune out and either listen to soft music or take your pick of what to watch on Netflix or FTA TV. If our team detects any dental concerns or underlying issues, they will discuss the matter openly and honestly, providing you with information about how to best address the matters.

Dental check-ups generally involve:

Preventive Dentistry

Once issues such as dental disease has developed, the dentist does still of course need to provide interventions to address various dental matters, however in many cases of people with healthy mouths – an Oral Health Therapist is the best type of dental practitioner for you to see for regular check up and cleans. Our Oral Health Therapist sees adults as a dental hygienist and can provide therapeutic general dental care to children such as fillings and removal of baby teeth. If you are looking for advice about how to achieve or maintain the best dental health possible, then an Oral Health Therapist is the right dental professional for you see.

The importance of detection and prevention

Dental issues that are not addressed and treated with preventive measures will progress to serious dental concerns. If you are suffering from dental pain or haven’t visited a dental professional for many years – you could be at risk of causing further damage and potential expenses by avoiding the dentist. Attending for regular check up and cleans is an essential way to live a healthy life. One extremely detrimental (though relatively painless) dental condition is gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss and gum inflammation which can then become incurable. Smile Central provide a service of exceptional preventive care to avoid these serious stages, and we will do everything we can to help you overcome such problems.

Professional dental clean

Smile Central will perform a professional dental clean to remove food debris, surface stains and harmful build-up of tartar and plaque. The treatment is completed with a high concentrate topical fluoride coated on the tooth surface. This process is recommended every three, six or twelve months based on your oral health status determined during the check-up. We will also recommend preventive measures or further treatment if necessary. It is important to receive a regular professional dental clean to regulate your risk of developing cavities, gum disease and cardiovascular health.

dental check up and clean

Why do I need to have my teeth cleaned professionally?

Removal of plaque

Plaque is an adhesive, virtually invisible film that forms on the teeth. Plaque often develops from the increased presence of bacteria, food debris and saliva. The bacteria produce toxins that inflame the gums known as gingivitis which can lead to periodontal disease. Left undetected, periodontal disease can become highly damaging to multiple teeth and underlying jaw bone and can lead to teeth loosening. It has been clinically proven that gum disease such as periodontitis also is linked to heart disease and uncontrolled diabetes. If you have heart disease or diabetes, dental cleans should become a priority in your life.

Removal of tartar

Tartar develops when plaque has been left on the tooth for lengthy periods of time. It begins to harden and firmly attaches to the tooth surface. A professional dental clean is the only solution to remove tartar from above and below the gum line.

Dental polishing

This is the removal of surface stains and remaining plaque during the professional cleaning and scaling, leaving the enamel surface smooth and more lustrous giving them a brighter appearance.

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