Do you suffer from dental anxiety or find yourself hesitant to visit the dentist?

Smile Central has benefited from major advances in dental techniques, technologies, and materials, as well as pain control treatments. Public awareness of oral health has also improved, however, despite these advances; dental anxiety continues to be a serious problem suffered by many patients worldwide. Given its high prevalence, it is not unexpected that it remains strongly linked to dental care avoidance.

What causes dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is a complex, multidimensional experience that no single variable can entirely account for its development. Patients that experience dental anxiety are likely to overestimate the pain prior to dental procedures. For new patients, dental anxiety is also attributed to the fear of the unknown. At Smile Central, we understand the severity of dental anxiety for some patients and the impact this fear can have on dental avoidance and your overall oral health.

Dental pain

Dental pain has been cited as the most common fear and the primary reason for individuals to avoid the dental chair. These outdated expectations of dental pain are related to conventional dentistry before the development of modern equipment and sedation options to relieve discomfort.

Loss of control

Visiting the dentist involves sitting in the dental chair and placing your trust in the hands of your dentists. Understandably, for some this can resonate with the dental fear of uncontrolled constraint and helplessness.


Dental assessments, cleans, and treatments involve a confined space between your dentist and a very private and personal part of your body. For many patients, dental visits in the chair can feel claustrophobic and discourage further visits to the dentist.  As well as this, research has confirmed that patients suffer embarrassment due to poor dental hygiene or perceived neglect.

Dental sedation

Smile Central professionals approach dental anxiety with compassion, understanding and a gentle touch to help minimise your dental phobia.

We offer a range of anxiety management tools to help soothe your nerves. We are a licensed facility to provide nitrous oxide to medically relax patients who suffer from severe anxiety and difficulty to remain still. This is an option if you would feel more comfortable during your procedure with some extra assistance.

Our caring approach

Smile Central is pleased to offer a range of dental anxiety management solutions, which aim to reduce the triggers of stress and ease anxious patients. We are compassionate about your dental status and only want to help you achieve total oral health. At Smile Central, we have seen many unsure, disappointed and discouraged patients come to us from other practices who have been delighted with the ease of our treatments and caring nature of our team. We believe in being transparent about all aspects of your dental condition, diagnosis, and discussing your treatment options.

  1. We approach dental care with a compassionate outlook on diagnosis and treatment with patient respect.
  2. Discussing every aspect of dental assessment, treatment options and associated costs for the patients to make a well-informed decision.
  3. Using the latest in state-of-the-art dental technology and innovative techniques to improve patient comfort and oral health.

Smile Central strives to involve patients in every step of their dental treatment to help alleviate dental fears for a more comfortable and stress-free dental experience.

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