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osmetic Dentistry is the perfect blend of modern dental science, creativity, and vision.

Smile Central professionals combine their experience and cutting-edge technology, as well as an eye for beautiful smiles, to naturally enhance your dental aesthetics, functionality and improve your quality of life.

Dr Christopher Lauf is one of the most respectable cosmetic dentists in Brisbane and renowned as a well-researched adopter of new technology and the latest techniques in dentistry. Dr Lauf combines a useful pragmatism with a detailed eye for aesthetics to be distinguished as a leader in the industry. Along with his expertise, Dr Lauf owned a country practice and gained extensive experience performing cosmetic dentistry on many extreme dental accidents.

At Dr Lauf’s city practice in Aspley, his aesthetic skills are sought after by successful business people and professionals, models and others individuals who rely on a beautiful smile for their profession. An aesthetically pleasing smile can have a significant impact in a social and professional setting as it inspires confidence.

Dr Lauf takes a holistic approach and brings together diverse skills to tailor a treatment for every patient. At Smile Central, we dedicate time to listen to your concerns and smile aspirations, allowing us to create a unique treatment plan tailored to achieve your dream smile. We take the time to discuss the comprehensive range of cosmetic treatment options available and recommend the most suitable treatment.

It is important to discuss with your dentist what skills, experience and additional training they may have before undertaking a complex treatment plan.

Cosmetic Dental bonding

This direct restoration involves the application of a filing material to the affected tooth or teeth. In many cases of minor cosmetic imperfections, such as gaps, cracks, chips or slightly misshapen teeth, dental bonding can meet a patient’s needs. It is shaped as needed for a natural appearance and excess resin is removed at which point the bonding material is cured (hardened with a special dental light). Once the restoration has hardened it is polished for a natural appearance. The down-side of dental bonding, compared with a porcelain veneer or crown, is that the bonding material attracts staining and is not as resistant to chipping.

Gum lifting and re-contouring

A gummy smile, where gums intrude onto the front surfaces of the teeth, can make teeth look unhealthy and smaller than they actually are. This can be corrected through laser gum treatment. Unwanted gum tissue is quickly and safely removed without affecting the teeth, creating a more balanced smile.

Smile Central Cosmetic Dentistry procedures include:

Cosmetic Dentistry

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