The last installment of Danielle’s trip

Smile Central - Danielle Oral Health Therapist in Papua New Guinea - Dentist in Action

Friday, June 17, 2016

Day 14

Hi! It’s Danielle from Smile Central.

Today is the last day of seeing patients before homeward bound via Lae.

In just 2 weeks, the dental team of (5 practitioners) has treated 243 people and performed well over dental 500 procedures – that’s an average of more than 1 per person and the highest ratio of saving teeth than any other team that has volunteered on the ship before.

Very proud to have been able to restore as many teeth we could especially for kids & teens! Without the support and capabilities of the ship delivering dental care to these remote communities in Papua New Guinea, many children would continue to suffer from untreated toothaches affecting their overall health and wellbeing detrimentally well into their adult lives.

Smile Central - Danielle Oral Health Therapist in Papua New Guinea Dentist in Action 2


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Day 16

By the final day of our trip, we had captured enough video footage of the teams experiencing fun, laughter and dance moves – we decided to make a music video clip!

Inspired by, “Can’t stop this feeling”, by Justin Timberlake – it is clear that entire crew of 100 personnel on board the 6th Outreach trip of 2016 certainly experienced plenty of joy during the trip of a lifetime by volunteering time, skills and expertise to those less fortunate. As I have enjoyed my time over the last 2 weeks in a foreign and still developing part of the world – far far away from the creature comforts I am fortunate to have at home in Brisbane. Hope that you have also enjoyed me sharing some of the dental highlights with you J

If you have a medical or primary health care background or experience and would like to volunteer yourself for such a worthy cause – find out more, donate or offer some assistance to help the successful program continue to run. . . Visit YWAM MEDICAL SHIPS, AUSTRALIA online.

Smile Central - Smile Dental Dentistry Smile Central - Danielle Oral Health Therapist in Papua New Guinea Outreach program

Outreach 6 Dental Team: 2016

Dr Kerry Craig, Dr Stuart Wolf, Dr Hilda Audubo , Dr Judy Kavon, and Dannielle Brougham with the support of our dedicated dental assistants.

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