Taking care of your teeth over Easter

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Smile Central offer these 6 tips for maintaining good oral health over the Easter break

Easter is a time for family, friends, relaxing and having a good time. Also, chocolate. But since eating chocolate has a bad effect on our oral and overall health; it’s important to only eat it in moderation. There are also some types of chocolate which are worse for you than others.

6 tips for maintaining good oral health over the Easter break

Maintaining good oral health over Easter is as easy as following these 6 tips from Smile Central.

  1. Wait before brushing your teeth

Eating often softens tooth enamel. By waiting half an hour after you have eaten, you give saliva enough time to neutralise any acids, which hardens the enamel. If you don’t wait you can actually be doing your teeth more harm than good.

  1. Drink plenty of water

After every snack, and every meal, you should drink a glass of water. This helps to rinse food particles from your mouth, and so reduce the risk of tooth decay.

  1. Chew sugar-free chewing gum

During the day, chewing sugar-free gum after a meal can help to keep your teeth clean and reduce the risk of tooth decay. Sugar-free gum is also good because it can help to remove food particles from the crevices of your teeth.

  1. Eat healthy snacks

Cheese, celery, apple and carrot are some examples of snacks that are good for your oral health. All these promote saliva production which is good for reducing the risk of tooth decay. Additionally, crunchy vegetables are good because they are fibrous, and this helps to clean your teeth.

However, it’s not the same as brushing and flossing your teeth: because there is no substitute for brushing and flossing twice a day.

  1. Choose dark chocolate

If you’re going to eat chocolate, make it dark chocolate, preferably organic, and with a sugar content of no more than 6-8 grams per serve. There are health benefits to eating dark chocolate in moderation, such as dark chocolate which contains flavonoids which have been shown to slow tooth decay. Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants, and it’s been shown that having higher levels of antioxidants in your saliva can help to fight gum disease.

  1. Regular dental check-ups and professional clean

Visiting Smile Central twice a year for a check-up and professional clean is an important part of taking care of your oral health. The number of dental visits you should have each year will depend on you and your oral health—you can discuss this with your dentist at your next appointment.

A check up and clean from a dentist is a great way to ensure you’re maintaining optimal oral health and to treat any concerns before they become major concerns.

Maintain good oral health over the Easter break

At Smile Central we offer quality treatments and patient care. Following these tips can help you maintain optimal oral hygiene through the Easter break.


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