OUR TEETH ARE pretty amazing, and there’s a lot they can do. Teeth chew food, provide structural support for the lower third of our faces, help us speak clearly, and give us our uniqueness. However, when over used they often crack and become broken tooth! Many people also find other uses for their teeth, which can be very dangerous. Teeth are not tools, and shouldn’t be used in place of them.

Teeth Are Not Bottle-Openers

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. It might seem like that makes teeth perfect to use when you don’t have a bottle opener handy, right? Wrong. Tooth enamel isn’t just hard, it’s brittle and it is not designed to win a fight against materials like metal and glass and will cause a broken tooth if stressed under extreme force or pressure.

Using your teeth as a bottle opener can easily chip, crack, or break them. You are risking damage to the soft tissues of the lips and gums if you slip. Doing it over and over again can even cause your teeth to shift out of their proper alignment and wear down unevenly. It isn’t worth it.

Teeth Are Not Nutcrackers

Like with trying to open a bottle, trying to crack a hard walnut, pecan, or even pistachio shells and popcorn kernels between your teeth risks chipping or cracking the teeth instead. Teeth that are already weaker due to decay and if they also have a filling in place are at even greater risk of damage.

Teeth Are Not An Extra Hand, they will break

When your hands are busy, it can be very convenient to hold a pencil, sewing pins, or maybe a few nails between your teeth. However, making a habit out of doing this can have a number of consequences. If you trip, the items in your mouth could cause a serious injury. If a yawn or hiccup catches you by surprise, you might even end up swallowing or choking on the object. Over time, you can wear down your enamel. Pencils would be better off behind your ear and nails in a utility belt until you’re ready to use them.

Teeth Are Not Scissors (Or Nailclippers)

A particularly common way people use their teeth as tools is to bite through packing tape instead of using scissors and some people even try to use their teeth to cut through wire. 

It takes much greater biting pressure to cut through non-food items than it does to chew food and cutting things requires grinding the teeth together. This wears down the chewing surfaces and risks chipping and fracturing leading to a broken tooth.

A nail-biting habit is particularly bad, both for the teeth and for the nails. The germs from the nails increase the risk of tooth decay, causing teeth to become worn down more quickly and shifting out of alignment. Pieces of fingernail do damage the gum tissue, all while the nails themselves are left ragged and misshapen, so stopping this bad habit alone will improve the health of your teeth and gums.


Nail biting DOES have an impact on your teeth & health

Protect Your Teeth By Using Them Right

Broken teeth are the third highest cause of tooth loss. Don’t take risks with your teeth by using them as tools. Save yourself an expensive emergency dental visit; use your teeth only for what they are meant for. Should you happen to have a broken tooth you will need a Porcelain crown to restore it back to its original state and function.

If this happens to you, Dr Chris Lauf would create a new dental crown for you with using modern 3D scanning technology providing a finished product on the same day. Yes that’s right. No temporary solutions with us as we only provide high quality permanent durable dental solutions for our patients.

The BEST way to open beer bottles with your teeth.

Best way to get a broken tooth. Open a beer bottle

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