Good news! We are pleased to announce that afterpay is now available at Smile Central dental in Aspley. We understand that paying for unexpected dental treatment can be difficult and have always provided payment options such as Openpay for our clients. With the new addition of afterpay dental services, we hope that this supports and encourages people in getting great dental care as quickly as possible.


Putting off your dental treatment, for whatever reason is not recommended for your own health and wellbeing. If you’re delaying your visit for financial reasons, payment plans are the best way to ensure you are able to get the treatment you need when you need it. This is often the point where patients say, “I just want my teeth cleaned and I will wait on any treatment. I am not hurting and really don’t want to spend the money.”  A lot of people do not fully understand the consequences of delaying dental treatment, so here’s a few things explained.

Our goal is to diagnose decay (cavities) and treat early. This will prevent pain, infection, and expensive treatment in the future.

Almost all consequences of delaying dental treatment can be attributed to dental decay growth. Once a tooth has a cavity or hole it will not repair itself. Think of it as a pothole in the road! The more cars that drive over the hole, the bigger the hole will get. Similarly, your dental decay will spread and there is no stopping it without the help of your dentist, and the longer you leave it, the more difficult it will be to treat. No dentist can predict how quickly decay will spread, though one thing is for sure – it is guaranteed to spread. Just as is said about anti-ageing skincare, prevention is better than a cure.

Did you know?

  1. As the size of your cavity increases, so does the cost of your treatment and the amount of filling material required. Fillings are categorised by how many surfaces of the tooth the filling will cover.  The more surfaces, the more expensive the filling is. The earlier you catch the decay, the more affordable your treatment will be.
  2. If your decay is too advanced for a filling to fix, you may need a crown.
  3. If you feel pain in your decaying tooth, that means that your nerve is being affected and you may require a more complex treatment such as root canal therapy for the tooth to heal.
  4. If you have left your decaying tooth for an extended period of time, it is likely that the tooth will not be able to be saved. This would require extraction to avoid infection. Dental infections can be highly dangerous and create other issues in other parts of the body. In conclusion, prevention is better than a cure, however if you are in need of a cure, the highly trained and gentle team at Smile Central can save the day.
A visit to the dentist in the early stages of the decay process saves you time, pain and money.
The longer decay is ignored the worse it will get.
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