Often when people hear the term ‘cracked tooth’, they paint an image in their head of what this may look like. However, a cracked tooth isn’t always as straight forward as it sounds. It is actually quite a complex condition.

At Smile Central we think it is important for everyone to understand what a cracked tooth is and to know the symptoms and signs to look out for. This is because if a tooth has a crack, the earlier the diagnosis and treatment the better the outcome.

Why would a tooth crack?

Cracks, fractures, craze lines and splits can occur in teeth for a few reasons:

  • Large fillings
  • Trauma due to injury or a knock to a tooth
  • Fatigue and stress related to a heavy bite, clenching or grinding
  • Habits, such as chewing hard things like ice or a pen

Over time these things weaken the tooth and can cause cracks. It’s very similar to crack a in a windscreen, that crack could go anywhere, at any time. But when people start having symptoms it is a sign that the crack is progressing.

What are the symptoms of a cracked tooth?

  • Sharp pain when biting or when releasing after biting
  • Sensitivity or discomfort to hot and cold food and drinks
  • Sensitivity to sweet or acidic foods and drinks
  • Waking with pain in a tooth in the morning

How can Smile Central diagnose a tooth crack?

It can sometimes be hard for someone to isolate which tooth may be causing them discomfort. Through examination and testing we are often able to find which tooth may have a crack.
However, sometimes people have no symptoms at all, and it isn’t until their routine dental check-up that we may find a crack.

Can a cracked tooth be treated?

Yes. Treatment of cracked tooth can vary, depending on how extensive the crack is. At Smile Central we like to assess the crack and your symptoms to find the best treatment option for you. A crown is the most common and effective long term treatment in this situation. Here at Smile Central, we are proud to be one of the most experienced providers of Cerec single visit crowns in Australia https://www.smilecentral.com.au/advanced-technology/dental-crowns-one-visit-cerec/


What happens if you don’t get treatment?

Left untreated a crack can spread but we do not know how long that may take. The biggest risk is that the crack will reach the nerve inside the tooth, causing infection or the nerve to be damaged. The crack can also cause the tooth to break in ways that we will be unable to fix, and the tooth may need to be extracted.

Early detection of a cracked tooth is very important. At Smile Central at your routine dental examination we always check your teeth for cracks. However, if you notice any symptoms getting them seen to early can help reduce your risk of needing more complex treatment later.
So, if you have any other questions about cracked teeth or are concerned you may have a cracked tooth and would like it checked please call us on (07) 3263 1310 to make an appointment with Dr Lauf who can give you more specific advice tailored to your needs.

The content on this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding medical conditions.

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