Teeth are not always straight, and often neither is your bite (occlusion). Both these issues can be resolved with orthodontics, better known as braces or Invisalign. Following your orthodontic treatment, you will need a retainer to make sure your teeth stay where they should.

Did you know that your teeth move throughout our lives due to different circumstances?

Retainers allow us some control over the gradual movement of our teeth by limiting the space available for the teeth to move.

The most common form of retainer is a metal bar fixed to the inner sides of your teeth. These are invisible to anyone other than you. This is highly effective as they constantly support your teeth and you cannot misplace them. They’re relatively easy to keep clean, all they require is a bit of extra daily brushing and regular dental cleans.

“How long do I need to keep this retainer on for?”

Retainers should stay on for as long as possible. They significantly reduce the risk of your teeth moving back to where they were before orthodontics.

Dr Chris Lauf suggests that you have your retainer professionally cleaned and checked routinely. This allows us to keep any decay, build up and tooth movement at bay. The Smile Central team can also give you some tips and tricks to help make cleaning easier at home too!

If you ever notice your retainer is feeling different or uncomfortable, please make an appointment with us as soon as possible. It could by loose or broken and need replacing! If you have any questions or concerns about your retainer, call us to speak with our friendly staff.

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