Follow Danielle our Oral Health Therapist / Hygienist on her trip with the YWAM Medical Ship – Week 1

Smile Central - Danielle Oral Health Therapist With YWAM Medical Ship Featured

Please join us in welcoming Anetta back!

Anetta is our dental hygienist, she is spending time with us at Smile Central in replace of Danielle who you would usually see but is away on leave with the YWAM Medical Ship.

Dannielle has joined a team of esteemed medical professionals for 2 weeks to deliver health care to people living in remote and rural coastal villages in Papua New Guinea with YWAM Medical. You can follow the exciting updates on her travels doing volunteer dental aid work via our website until she returns on 21st June.

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Friday, June 3, 2016, 15:19

Day 1


Papua New Guinea is certainly the land of the unexpected. Today all the medical teams consisting of primary health care nurses, midwives, optometrists, eye surgeons, dentists & I are becoming orientated with our new surrounds of ship life and the clinical resources we will have available to utilise whilst on this adventure.

Our outreach to local communities officially begins tomorrow when we all set sail for Morobe Province. Here over the next 5 days, our teams will visit 11 villages on foot in search for people who desperately need dental care and bring them back to the ship for us to treat on board our floating dental clinic. In the midst of all of this – a massive butterfly as big as my hand just happened to land on the porthole window sill to remind me of home at Smile Central, Aspley, So just had to share this moment with you all during my first day on board the YWAM Medical Ship as a dental volunteer this year.

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Day 4

Smile Central - Danielle Oral Health Therapist in Action


This little girl aged 3 was so well behaved and happy to receive x2 fillings in her lower baby teeth. The fillings were placed via a simplified method called ART technique that doesn’t require any drilling, water rinsing or suction like most fillings normally do. The dental chair being used here is called an IDENT chair that is designed to fold up into a backpack and be completely portable. This type of equipment is ideal for providing mobile dental care to people who live in remote locations or like in this case for a little person to sit comfortably.


Smile Central - Danielle Oral Health Therapist While Treating a Patient

Friday, June 10, 2016

Day 7


Dental selfies! Scale and clean for my new friend Dr. Agnes, an inspiring eye doctor from Mt Hagen who is here with our Ophthalmology team. With only x2 surgeons operating the team conducted an impressive number of 71 cataract eye surgeries this week alone, restoring sight and a new lease on life again to so many people living in Morobe province.






Keep an eye out for Danielle’s next posts as she documents her journey and don’t forget you can track the ship here!

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