If you’re years out of high school, chances are you think you’ve missed your chance to have straight and beautiful teeth… but that’s not true! Modern orthodontic treatment has become increasingly popular for adults as well as teens. Even if you had braces before, your teeth might relapse and move back out of line. This is also a valid reason to consider treatment as an adult, and don’t worry! Braces are not your only option. Invisalign, Clear Correct and alternatives to braces are available to you after your initial consultation with Dr Chris Lauf!

How Teeth Shift As We Age

Our teeth naturally move and shift throughout our lives — including in ways we’d prefer they didn’t. In a process called mesial drift, our teeth slowly move towards the front of our mouths as we age. Other factors, including enamel loss, teeth grinding, and tooth loss. The result is an increasingly crooked, overcrowded smile that is harder to keep clean.

Movement & shifting that has occurred in crowded lower front teeth with worn down and flattened edges as a consequence.

Daily Habits And Shifting Teeth

Some of the things we do every day without even thinking about it can contribute to our teeth shifting over time. Sleeping on your stomach and resting your head on your hands when sitting can both be culprits of dental shifting, but good posture and side or back sleeping will minimise this effect.

Good oral hygiene is also important for keeping your teeth where they should be, because it helps to keep your gums firm, holding your teeth into the bone. So keep up with regular flossing, twice daily brushing, and don’t delay regular dental hygiene appointments!

It’s Never Too Late For Orthodontic Treatment

Stopping bad habits and maintaining good ones is important, but it won’t reverse dental shifting that has already taken place, and that’s where adult braces come in. While it’s true that our teeth can be guided into place more easily when we are younger, they will still respond to orthodontic appliances with impressive results.

One advantage adult orthodontic patients have over teenagers is that they have the self-discipline to carefully follow the professional instruction, which ensures better, longer-lasting results!

Go Low-Profile With Modern Orthodontics

Some adults are put off by the idea of having visible braces and opt for invisible options. These invisible options include various brands of invisible aligners or clear ceramic braces. No one needs to know that you’re on your way to a straighter smile if you don’t want them to!

OK, so now what? Schedule Your FREE FIRST Consultation Today! Find out more…

It’s as easy as 1,2,3

Everyone’s teeth are different, and so is their orthodontic treatment. We’re sure you still have many questions about what your treatment would involve, how long it would take, and, of course, the cost. Dr Chris Lauf is happy to see you for a FREE “Smile Consult” providing you with a brief overview of how major or minor your case might be and what to expect from the journey towards straight teeth with adult aligners.

Then he will work with you to customise a treatment plan, specific to your facial, skeletal, functional and aesthetic needs. After such time the “plan” has been formulated & results presented to you – you can get started & proceed with executing the plan to watch the magic start to occur before your eyes.

We believe in the value of sharing knowledge and information to help you choose the right treatment for you. As an independent dental practice, we promise that you will see Dr Chris Lauf each and every time, ensuring consistency and quality care along the way.

Everyone deserves to have the smile of their dreams!

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