Same day dental crown with CEREC

Smile Central uses digital methods to create perfectly fitting dental crowns for natural teeth & on implants, bridges and veneers. The Cerec Omnicam made by Sirona Dental is the most advanced dental digital impression system available. This innovation assists our gentle dentist in Aspley to design and manufacture beautiful and durable ceramic or porcelain restorations with the use of this software in-house. Our ability to scan the teeth to create digital images ensures total accuracy and minute detail. This way you will have a strong, durable and well-fitting restoration eliminating the need for any temporary placement and you will walk out with the final solution on the same day.

Traditional ceramic crowns and restorations take multiple visits and a number of weeks before the final restoration is placed. At Smile Central, you can arrive at our Aspley dental practice, northside of Brisbane in the morning and leave with your stunning new dental crown on the same day, thanks to CEREC.

CEREC (CERamic REConstruction) features computer–aided design and milling machine that allows your dentist to create beauty. A CROWN is used to cover and encase the entire visible portion of the tooth while VENEERS are like thin shells that cover the front surface of the teeth only. Ceramic restorations are used to restore the tooth from a large cavity or replace defective, usually silver fillings. The restoration is called an INLAY when it is cemented within the centre of the tooth or the cusps/bumps on the chewing surface. It’s called an ONLAY when it covers more cusps. Onlays, also called partial crowns, are more extensive than inlays and less extensive than crowns.

Traditional crowns, inlays/onlays, and veneers are also called “indirect” restorations because they are fabricated “indirectly,” in a dental laboratory instead of being moulded into place within the mouth during the dental visit. To create a traditional restoration, impressions of the mouth are made and sent to an off-site lab. While waiting for the new restoration, the patient wears a temporary crown.

CEREC is the revolutionary technology that eliminates the long wait and the need to temporise. The process is entirely computerised. The digital impressions are taken and your dentist will begin the computer-aided design of the restoration right away. The design is then sent to the on-site crown milling machine. On the same visit, the porcelain dental crown is created and placed on your teeth!

CEREC dental crowns work just as well as traditional dental crowns made in a dental laboratory. They are custom fit, durable and colour-matched with the rest of your teeth for a natural looking smile. Get beautifully strong new permanent teeth in just a few hours! Call our dentist in Aspley today or book online.

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