Computerised injection system for Local Anaesthetic: The Wand

All dental injections at Smile Central are done with a velvet touch by using “The Wand”.

No more heavy metal syringes, the wand is a computer-controlled dental injection and has the appearance more like a fine tipped pen.  A computer controls the flow rate and pressure of administering local anaesthetic which means that the injection is guaranteed to be slow, steady and more comfortable. Always in every case numbing gel is applied by our caring dentist before the injection is started to ensure any sensations are predominantly limited to slight pressure and nothing else.

Most people who have had a prior experience with injections feel a sting at the beginning, thinking that this is because the skin is pierced, however, this is not actually the case. Most often, the sting was caused because the anaesthetic solution is injected too quickly as a cold rush.  A skilled dentist can usually control the speed with a standard syringe; however, the performance of the Wand ensures accuracy and gentle applications each any every time. This is the most reassuring way to receive wandthe benefits of being numb for dental treatment, without having to worry about how it is to occur.  People who have experienced other methods in the past really notice the difference and are always pleasantly surprised at how our gentle dentist is able to give you anaesthesia in such a virtually pain-free way.


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