At Smile Central, we use the most up-to-date technology, including modern methods and delivery systems for local anaesthesia to ensure you have the most comfortable and stress-free dental experience. With the assistance of a computerised injection system called ‘The Wand’ partnered with a topical numbing gel, we are able to deliver the anaesthetic in a controlled manner so the ‘stinging’ feeling associated with numbing can be significantly reduced and the correct amount of fluid can be injected exactly where it is needed. ‘The Wand’ has the appearance of a fine tipped pen, and as a syringe-less computer-controlled system, it delivers relatively pain free dental injections without the negative and now out of date associations and appearance of what is traditionally associated as a dental injection. Dr Chris Lauf and his team have been performing gentle dentistry with ‘The Wand’ successfully for over 15 years and our patients, particularly those with negative experiences from previous dentists or dental anxiety appreciate the increased level of comfort it provides.

Most people who have had a typical dental injection from other dental practices often experience a harsh sting followed by numbness, but ‘The Wand’ decreases this discomfort substantially. The stinging usually felt during typical injections is not actually from the needle itself, but the anaesthetic being injected too quickly. A highly skilled dentist can usually control the speed manually with a standard more traditional style syringe; however, the performance of The Wand ensures accuracy and gentle applications every time.


Numbing gel can be applied by our highly-trained dentist to ensure any sensations are predominantly limited to no more than slight pressure before receiving your injection if required or requested.

Smile Central - The Wand Painless Children Dentistry Smile Central - The Wand Painfree Children Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

The Wand is also available for use on young children requiring dental anaesthesia and hardly notice the sensation of painless injections at Smile Central. We recommend that if your child needs dental treatment, don’t ever use the word ‘needle’ when talking to them about dental procedures. ‘The Wand’ rather than ‘needle’ keeps children calm and curious rather than anxious or frightened. When children ask what The Wand does, we simply say “it gives your tooth special medicine so it goes to sleep!”.

In many cases, a dental injection is the first time that your child will experience what “numb” feels like. It is best described as if the tooth “falls asleep” feeling fuzzy, heavier, and tingly.

Smile Central - Carefree Worry Free Children Dental Checkup

An Oral Health Therapist is especially trained to provide general dentistry for children. At Smile Central, all children visit our therapist who is trained to make dentistry virtually pain free and is excellent at caring and coaching children and parents positively through their dental appointments. Creating positive dental experiences for children from a young age is important for their ongoing health and development, as they learn that dental appointments are nothing to be fearful of because they make your smile pretty and clean! With modern technology, compassionate providers – dentistry at Smile Central, Aspley on Brisbane’s Northside is a breeze even for the little ones.

TIP: After any dental treatment that your child experiences, we recommend that you keep a close eye on them for the rest of the day. Children typically become inquisitive about having no sensation in an area and can inadvertently chew, pull on or bite their lips and tongue – accidentally causing a painful ulcer to appear. You should discourage your child from doing so if you notice this occurring to avoid further discomfort after the anaesthetic wears off.

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