Computerised analysis of your bite (occlusion)

Anyone who finds themselves clenching or grinding day or night, has jaw pain or discomfort, or has had a facial injury in the past can benefit from the information and data collected with a T-SCAN.

The T-SCAN is a diagnostic device that allows our advanced dentist, Dr Chris Lauf to accurately analyse and diagnose the concerns to your bite. The T-scan offers enhanced efficiency to adjust your bite and prevent further problems with jaw joints and facial muscles.

A computerised sensor is placed in your mouth while you bite down then the information software displays the timing of contacts and levels of force in a detailed screening. This recording will show your bite movement from the beginning to end, and immediately identify problem areas.

The ability to measure force overtime makes the T-SCAN an indispensable tool for detecting an irregular relationship in your bite. We can view, on screen, your bite position so that you can see the impact it is having on the opposing teeth and jaw joints. This is instrumental in locating accurate diagnosis of bite disturbances in order to evaluate the potential for trauma based on the strength of how your teeth bite together bite.

We regularly work collaboratively with physiotherapists and welcome referrals to provide holistic care in order to enhance treatment outcomes in cases of neuromuscular pain, discomfort or impaired function.

Smile Central - Computerized Dental Analysis

T-scan results

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