3D X-rays: CBCT Imaging

Conebeam technology CBVT or also known as CBCT scanning – is available at Smile Central dental on Brisbane’s northside. Dr Chris Lauf, uses 3D x-rays to assist in diagnosis and allows professionals to make a mire informed decision about your treatment needs. X-rays are important for detecting underlying issues inside the body that cannot be seen by visual inspection alone. With the aid of 3D x-rays with virtual imaging, you are able to visualise your results before your treatment has even begun, giving the dentist the ability to see beyond the obvious, and more accurately predict the outcome of your health condition. In situations when people require multiple complex dental procedures, we highly recommend and frequently provide 3D imaging to enhance accuracy in planning the best treatment options for you to consider. Typically this advanced level of care and service is available to you if any of the following types of treatments are required (NB: even with detailed 3D imaging nerve canals, facial bones, soft tissue muscles, air spaces, sinus cavities cannot be detected).

This type of imaging does not replace or avoid the need for other types of dental x-rays, as they all provided different and specific images than one another 3D visualisation of the complexity of the maxillofacial region.

Smile Central - Computer Aided Design - Implant Planning

Smile Central uses computer-aided design and dental technology to diagnose your dental conditions more thoroughly with  precision.




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