Dental Health Week 2019

Teeth are not something that you can just “set & forget”. They are dynamic parts of human biology and just like the rest of us, changes do occur over time. If you have gone through the rigours of orthodontics in the past and invested significant time and money into achieving a beautiful healthy smile, don’t let all that good work go undone.

Just because they were once good a few years ago, doesn’t mean that they have stayed the same way. Be sure to maintain a healthy smile & visit for regular check ups. Smile Central’s Dental Health Week educational topic this year is going to be all about the importance of Orthodontic RETAINERS.

Dr Chris Lauf, dentist in Aspley is specifically trained in orthodontics and has been successfully treating both adults and children for over 18 years.

Read our blog to learn everything you need to know about Orthodontic Retainers and how to keep your teeth straight and well aligned for the long term.

Haven’t had your retainers checked for ages? Visit us during the month of August for a “retainer check”. We will review and advise on the following aspects relating to your long term orthodontic status:

  • identify any major tooth movement (relapse)
  • check condition and adhesion of wire bonded retainers behind front teeth
  • check on gum health around any wire retainers (you may have a lot of bacteria built up around these causing bleeding and inflammation). Left untreated, when this bacteria is trapped underneath and around the wire long term, causes severe irreversible damage to your gums in the form of periodontitis. In some cases this wire needs to be removed. Read more about reasons why it would need to be removed.
  • check durability of clear plastic retainers (you may need a new set if they are cracked and deteriorating)
  • check if your teeth are still biting together properly
  • check your jaw joints for smooth movement
  • check if your teeth are wearing down and flattening at all
  • provide you with solutions and treatment options should any issues need correcting

Dental Health Week 2018

During 2018 the team at Smile Central is celebrating Halloween the dental friendly way from November 1st – 9th encouraging people, especially children to limit those all too common sweet tooth tendency that can occur during this time of year.

We invited all members of the local Aspley and northside surrounding suburbs to bring children along and say hello any time during business hours, with all their excess candy collected celebrating halloween. 



For every 100g of lollies we will swap them for 50c per 100g

(maximum of 2kg per child or
5kg per family)

Yes that’s right, we will buy back your candy as our special way of promoting, healthy teeth for a healthy life.  Smile Central, your local dental practice in Aspley


But wait there’s more ! Many of our staff are apart of ADF families, so all lollies collected from ‘the candy buy back’ will be donated to members of the Australian Defence Force currently serving in the Middle East on operations. That’ll put a smile on their faces too. 


and watch the fun tooth friendly video recipes.


What is Dental Health Week all about? 

Smile Central - Dental Health Week - Dental Concerns

Dental Health Week, takes place in the first full week of August every year, is the Australian Dental Association’s major annual oral health promotion. Its aim is to educate Australians about the importance of maintaining good oral health in every aspect of their lives. This year’s topic focused on women’s oral health. We celebrated by engaging with local business in the community to encourage women in the workforce to visit their dentist to talk about some common dental symptoms that women experience throughout life.

If you would like one of us to come and talk to your community group about dental health or one of these topics, feel free to contact and enquire with our Oral Health Therapist to organise an information session.


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