Our welcome package is designed to be all affordable and inclusive; so you know exactly where you stand right from the start. The first visit involves much more than just your usual basic check and clean, in order to assess your dental needs comprehensively we take extra time, care and attention to review and analyse your current level of oral health. After the initial appointment, future visits typically become more streamlined and focused on specific treatment goals, improving the state of your dental health each and every time.

 Your first visit for comprehensive dental care includes:

  • Detailed dental exam with dentist Dr Chris Lauf
  • Prioritised plan of your treatment requirement outlining estimate of costs
  • Micro-imaging: photos to help explain and show you problem areas
  • Oral cancer screen
  • Wisdom teeth assessment
  • Unlimited digital dental X-Rays
  • Full mouth panoramic digital X-Ray (OPG)
  • Dental hygiene (scale and clean) with Oral Health Therapist/ Hygienist
  • Therapeutic fluoride application to strengthen and remineralise enamel
  • Personalised advice on practical ways how to maintain and improve the health of your teeth and gums at home
  • Goodie bag; filled with samples of products selected specifically for you

What to expect during your first visit

Dental issues commonly go undetected and without symptoms for many years. When teeth and gums start to ache, generally the underlying condition could have been prevented or dealt with much earlier, more simply and for a lesser expense.  At Smile Central, we aim to help you eliminate as many preventable dental issues as possible by identifying matters early and providing you with the information and treatment options required to improve your dental health.

To remain healthy and feel good about your teeth throughout life, people of all ages benefit from regular dental checks and professional cleaning. Many dental diseases can be totally prevented with expert advice, early detection and minor treatments along the way.

When excessive amounts of plaque and tartar accumulate around teeth and gums over long periods of time, the risks of major dental issues occurring also increase.  If you happen to realise that it has been over 2 years since you received a full check up and clean, now is certainly the time to be proactive about your health and visit us to find out more.

Be prepared, complete your new patient questionnaire FORM in advance and submit in the privacy of your own home before you arrive.


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